Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Life is a Cabaret

I wanted show the relation ship between the life at the Kit Kat club and the political undertones that the production portrays. At the end of the play Sally breaks down in her final performance at the club, I wanted to show this as if she has slumped to the floor in a pit of misery and despair. The hat is a iconic object of the show so i wanted the main attention to be drawn to it and the political shadow that the hat has created. 

Jesus Christ Superstar

Im currently Illustrating Jesus Christ Superstar, i wanted to create a modern day arrest apposed to the style or arrest Jesus would have encountered. In keeping with the rock theme that this theatre production has, i thought it would be fitting to have Jesus posing for his mugshot in a leather jacket. Again, a work in progress.

Into The Woods

I Wish

To illustrate the theatre production "Into the woods" i created the popular phrase "I wish" (that was used a number of times throughout the play) out of twigs and leaves and hung them in the woods. I Love the effect that is created but its still a work in progress. 

Baked, Photographed, Screen Printed

Tuesday, 2 February 2010