Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Complete Verbal Diarrhea

So here it goes my first attempt at blogging, I feel that this is a hobby I'm either going to love or hate. (Just for future reference my spelling is something of a nursery school child so ill try and use the aid of spell check wherever possible.) Last year I was very nonchalant with my approach to the course so iv decided to enhance my own experience by managing my time better, to the extreme that I've even purchased a term planner... Yes I truly am a geek.
At the moment I'm pretty overwhelmed with the mountain of tasks that we've been set but I'm making sure iv completed a bit of work every day so that the ever so familiar "rush and panic" at the end of the term doesn't set in. It'll be amazing if I stick to my first semester promises, but here's hoping. 


  1. My but you have some interesting hobbies

  2. Hi rebs found you, my brain is totally mushed
    from having kids but still a graphics geek at heart. Love your stuff your so much better than i ever was keep up the hard work really proud of you ! lots of love Aunty Cath